What if you were unconsciously sexist?

The facebook page, “I fucking love science” has over 4.8 million fans.  Many of whom were surprised or even shocked to find out last month that the writer was a woman and apparently an attractive one at that.  But is this sexual stereotyping something that we all do, consciously or otherwise?


The topic of Women In Science has been in the news a lot over the last few months and has shown the variety of opinions that exist on the subject.  Thankfully it would seem, most people seem to accept and even encourage the view that women can do science.

But in a special podcast from Nature, a group of female scientists discussed their apparently unconscious bias against associating all things female with all things scientific.

The group discussed an implicit association test produced by Harvard University which looks at Gender and Science.  They also mentioned how their own results showed an unconscious gender bias, despite the fact they were all strong advocates of promoting women in science.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist trying the test myself.  The website is not the most user friendly, but you can skip through the first pages of questions about yourself by pressing the OK button.  Although I’m sure for the purpose of data collection they’d be grateful if you filled it in!

So, go on, I dare you…. try it here. And post your results/comments below.  I’ve put a screen shot of mine below along with the podcast for anyone who is interested.


Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.07.04