Positive Discipline

For me, positive discipline is about:

  • Thinking about the long term consequences of your child’s experiences, including what you say and how you act. The phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”, to me is wishful thinking.
  • The importance of being kind AND firm, and finding a healthy balance between the two. If we want our children treat others well and at the same time to stand up for themselves and have confidence, we have to model this.
  • Making sure your child knows that they belong and are needed. Belonging gives a reason to be.
  • Helping children to develop social skills and have values which will allow them to  sucessfully interact with other human beings. We are social beings, our relationships with others shape who we are.
  • Developing capable, responsible children with the confidence to do things for themselves and find solutions, similar to the Montessori philosophy. We want our children to feel they have the resources to deal with what life throws at them.