Merimée Programme

This year saw the start of the Merimée Programme funded by the French government. The programme allows students from the three public universities in Barcelona (UB, UPF and UAB) to attend the Journées CBS2, a student 3-day conference held in Montpellier. Luckily, I was one of those picked to attend.

The conferences included short talks by PhD students, as well as lectures from internationally renowned specialists, and finally poster sessions for those of us at earlier stages in our research. Continue reading “Merimée Programme”

What if parenting style affected a child’s DNA?

A quick search on for parenting guides brings up a list of 5,416 books to choose from. TV series have been dedicated to parenting styles and their varying impacts.

But what if both good and bad parenting styles leave marks on the child, and in particular their DNA?

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